Here at Benchmark Development Company LLC, we build high quality ICF homes.  We are Energy Smart/Energy Star Certified Builders.  We start with designing a suitable ICF home plan.  We then submit the plans to our energy auditors who will evaluate the R-Value of the walls, ceiling, HVAC design, and U-Value of windows.  After formulating this equation, a HERS Rating is obtained.  This stands for "Home Energy Rating Score".  The nationally adopted HERS index rating is the "Miles Per Gallon" or how efficient the home will work.  In this case lower is better.  When the home is completed we have a HERS performance test completed to receive the final HERS Score certifying the efficiency of our homes.  The homes we will build typically rate in the low 50's on the HERS Index.  This is over 40% more efficient than standard code and over 30% more efficient than Energy Star rating.  We value energy consumption and being a pioneer in our industry. We are responsible stewards in regard to the ethics of what and how we build.  We have the ability to provide our clients with higher quality, cost effective, and energy saving structures.  Our homeowners already know the energy demands required by their home before it is built.  This type of construction costs slightly more but the quality & energy savings will be significant as compared to current construction standards utilized today.  We build energy sipping bomb shelters.  This is why "We Just Build It Better".

Why ICF's for your project?

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